Call Monitoring

The initial contact withto your business is a key part of how your customers feel about you. It gives you a direct connection to your customers. Businesses that offer great customer service use this quality to set their brand apart from the competition.

So, how do you make sure your customers have the best possible experience?

A quality assurance program is the foundation of great business. It gives you real information to assist you with figuring out if you’re meeting your goals, using the right processes, staying in compliance, and getting the results you want.

So how does Results Driven Marketing’s call monitoring work, why is it important, and what steps do you need to take to make it work well?

Monitoring the quality of your business’s calls is more than just recording and listening to calls at random. To measure call quality, you’ll need to track and analyze strategic customer service calls and look closely at how efficient and effective they are. Your goal should always be to turn every caller into a happy customer.

We go the extra mile by screening your sales calls to help you choose the best leads to continue following up with. Our team of quality control specialists will listen to every call we generate, enter the information into our lead tracking system, and report our findings each month. We want to be able to prove that our marketing efforts are working, and more importantly how many potential clients your team has converted to increase your ROI.

Not every lead will be ready to buy right away. We will help you determine the people who are most likely to say yes after multiple touches. Call monitoring can be time- consuming which is why most agencies are not willing to do it. Most digital marketing agencies will report on how many clicks and calls you get, but don’t go beyond that. We will tell you various details of the call including:

  1. The name of the caller
  2. What they were inquiring about
  3. If an appointment was scheduled
  4. Who answered the call
  5. If there were long hold times
  6. Any red flags you should be made aware of

Call one of our online marketing specialists today so you can see the benefits of our call monitoring and tracking system.