Kim Ballo-allo | Quality Control Specialist

Kim Ballo-allo is a dedicated virtual assistant with a wealth of experience in the field. For almost three years, she has been a valuable member of the Outsourceddoers team, providing exceptional assistance to clients. Her expertise and efficiency have made her an invaluable asset in the virtual world. As a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate, Kim is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and skills in the field. With a background as an Image Analyst for two years, she has honed her analytical abilities and attention to detail.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Kim finds joy in various hobbies. As an avid Valorant player, she thrives in the competitive world of online gaming, constantly seeking new challenges and improving her skills. Music is another passion of hers, as she is skilled in playing the guitar and drums. Whether strumming away on the strings or creating rhythmic beats, Kim finds solace and creative expression in music.

Kim enjoys the great outdoors when she’s not immersed in the virtual realm or making music. Camping allows her to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature, providing a much-needed balance to her digital lifestyle. On quieter days, she indulges in binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix, finding relaxation and entertainment in captivating stories.

With her passion for technology, diverse range of interests, and commitment to personal growth, Kim Ballo-allo is a well-rounded individual who strives to make a positive impact in both her professional and personal life.

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