Sales Call Screening

If you own a business in the Charleston area and your sales process requires an initial call or multiple calls within its cycle, then utilizing sales call screening can drastically increase efficiency and save time. Charleston sales call screening is an excellent resource for businesses that are looking to streamline their processes while driving higher customer satisfaction levels. By working with a digital marketing agency that understands the ins and outs of phone screening, you can get deeper insights into your customers’ needs and responses.

The Benefits of Charleston Sales Call Screening

By utilizing Charleston sales call screening, you can focus on the calls that generate a positive return: the callers who are most likely to take advantage of what your business has to offer. The data collected through screening can also provide valuable insights into customer interactions, which can then lead to further improvement recommendations. As a Charleston digital marketing agency, we understand much of the key information about those calls and how they can help you. Sales call screening can provide you with insight into:

  • How to optimize your campaigns
  • What people really want to know about your brand or business
  • Who your quality leads are
  • What training opportunities you may need to take advantage of in order to increase revenue

Sales call screening can be a complex process, which is why many digital marketing agencies in Charleston do not offer it. At Results Driven Marketing, however, we believe in providing your business with all the information you need to make data-driven decisions.

Sales Call Screening for Your Charleston Business: What We Evaluate

As a digital marketing agency in Charleston, we understand the many challenges that can go along with your calls, and we seek to provide comprehensive information that can help inform your future sales efforts.
  • Call Volume: We track the number of sales calls that are being placed to determine if any cost savings can be made through increased efficiency or improved marketing strategies.
  • The Caller’s Purpose: Our team takes a closer look at each call and its associated purpose—sometimes referred to as “right party contact” verification—to better understand how likely it is for each call to convert.
  • If an Appointment was Scheduled: Knowing whether an appointment with a customer leaves you in an advantageous position when deciding what actionable steps you should take next, enabling proper follow up and tracking all down the line.
  • Who Answered the Call: Was it an automated system? A receptionist? An assigned representative? Since different levels of service require different approaches from your brand or business, this piece of data is important for determining subsequent level courses of action for maximum impactful gains.
  • Hold Times: Knowing how long someone was on hold gives us insight into overall customer experience ratings; if customers have to wait too long before they receive help or assistance then they may become frustrated and decide against doing business with you.
  • Any Red Flags in the Call: During our assessments, we check for red flags, including problems on the customer’s end and potential problems with your staff. We want to streamline the process for your clients so that they will be more satisfied with your brand, increasing the odds that they will turn to you for their needs.
  • Coaching Opportunities: We want to know if there are any opportunities to provide coaching for your representatives. Effective coaching can help improve client connections and lead to better sales.

Contact Our Digital Marketing Agency to Help with Charleston Sales Call Screening

At Results Driven Marketing, we know how important it is to have a market-leading Charleston sales call screening service. Utilizing our solutions helps reduce any customer service issues that may originate with your staff while ensuring that you always get the most out of each incoming call. Give us a call today and put your Charleston business at ease with industry-leading sales call screening from Results Driven Marketing, or schedule a call to learn more about our digital marketing services.